Meta Trader 5: The New Dynamic Multi-Functional Trading Platform

In keeping with a commitment to giving the best at all times, Crypto77 is proud and honored by the privilege to announce the launch of Meta Trader 5. The new product is set to become the leading software in online trading. MT5, apart from being fast and extremely reliable, provides other top-notch features, options, and complimentary services. This puts it ahead of other programs as the premier software for high-end investment professionals worldwide.

MT5 Desktop

In addition to the seamless integration of a wide array of assets and financial instruments, the Meta Trader 5 platform was also designed to flawlessly handle cutting-edge currency trading, CFDs, futures, and stocks. The Market Match user interface makes it convenient and easy for trading symbols to be accessed and analyzed. This allows users to customize various instruments according to their specific needs. MT5 easily incorporates the numerous indicators and channels needed for technical evaluation for informed market trading; this includes tick data analyzers, one-click trading preferences, and real-time quote monitoring. Advanced features in the software make multiple investment strategies at prevailing market prices possible, dynamic support for a backlog of orders and is compatible with analytical tools like Gann, Elliot tools, and Fibonacci. The multiple system tools in the Meta Trader 5 is similar to the Market Match interface as comprehensive account management can be undertaken there; also, users current account status can be evaluated via the Exposure tab, information on important current events germane to account holdings can be gleaned from the Company tabs, information on all deals and an analysis report can be obtained from the History tab, and for thousands of analytical applications to keep dedicated market researchers up to date, the Market tab feature comes in handy.

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Meta Trader 5 Mobile App

To make the MT5 trading platform available to users on their mobile devices, Android and iOS owners can simply head to Google Play and App Store respectively to download and install it. Known as MT5Mobile, this smartphone version is an excellent app with all of the important features found in the desktop version. The user interface is simple to navigate and the features well laid out for easy access. In four easily accessible tabs, users can quickly get info on current price quotes, easily generate infographics via line graphs and candlestick using the available data, get access to account history, instantly check real-time data on market movements and execute transactions. Also, with the mobile app, users can set limits on buy orders, stop buy orders and stop losses. The ability to manage assets fast and with confidence is at the tip of the fingers. With the mobile app, one is sure never to miss an important investment opportunity or important shifts in market trends again while on the move.

Web Trader

Thanks to the wonderful input from the webmasters at MetaQuotes, the online platform of Meta Trader 5 is up and running. The Web platform is compatible with all the major browsers and can run on Windows, Linux no Mac systems. Users need just a constant and reliable Internet connection to get access to any financial market in the world. The online portal is convenient for traders who work with multiple computers as it combines the convenience of a desktop platform with the all the inherent advantages of mobility. With the highly effective Web terminal, any computer can be instantly transformed into a top of the line investment platform.